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About Waymaker Consulting

Here at Waymaker we take supporting business seriously. Our purpose is to make a way for businesses to grow by providing you with a range of support services that make your business more efficient and productive. We can provide one or a range of support services to your growing business in a bespoke package that helps move you to your next growth milestone. Not only do we show you the way to growth, we make the way happen with our hands-on support.

Our Waymaker team have a depth and breadth of skills, expert knowledge of a range of systems, tools and tech and are great at learning fast and working in a way that compliments our clients’ needs and style of working. We’ve not found a system yet we didn’t know or couldn’t learn, and find that problem solving is just part of the Waymaker way. We always strive to share our expertise with our clients to equip them with the tools for taking forward the growth themselves.

Partnering together for success

Our Approach to Supporting a Growing Business

Our approach starts with a free consultation, we need to spend time over a beverage of your choice, discussing what you think the challenges your business is facing. It’s our job to look at your business holistically and ask lots of questions. It could be that the reason you wanted to chat with us is only part of a bigger challenge we could help support your business to overcome. We are proud to say our forte is working with businesses with a passion who are looking to grow. We partner closely with you to identify opportunities for change, consolidation, introduction of new ways and software tools, all with the aim to increase productivity, efficiency, boost culture and revenue. Ultimately giving you the tools to successfully grow your business with a solid foundation that will grow with you.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Have a Free Consultation with us to talk through your Challenges
  • We send you a Proposal with our Recommendations for taking your business to the Next Level
  • We partner closely with you to provide a Valuable Service with tangible results

bespoke business support for you

Our Areas of Expertise











What We Can Do For You

We can support businesses with PA and office admin support; HR toolkits including software to manage your team; IT support to get your office set up and working well; and marketing strategy and implementation to shout about your business to the right audience. We also offer strategic sales development to create a plan to boost your pipeline and support for sales staff; and business management support to move your business forward with a confidential sounding board for deciding change.


PA and Office Admin support

Do you need help to keep on top of your to-do list? Do you spend all your time on tasks that stop you focusing on growing your business? Outsource to us – from travel arrangements, invoicing, diary and inbox management to expenses, devising and maintaining filing systems, reports and minute taking. We’re your second self, getting more done in the day, to make a way for your business to grow.


Business management

If you are looking for growth strategies for SME business, whether you are a start up or looking to further develop your established business, we can support you. From mapping out new business processes and improving your business’s productivity to creating company values and developing culture, our team work along side you to make lasting improvements.

it services and support

IT is the backbone of having a smoothly run operation. We understand the needs of small businesses, offering IT consulting services to SMEs. Anything from ordering and setting up a new laptop to migrating from Gmail to Microsoft 365, we can help. If you need to kit out your new office with IT tech or could do with advice on asset management and policies, we have the IT solution for your business.

Marketing strategy and implementation

Shouting about your business is essential but so is having the right plan. We develop a marketing strategy tailored to making your business grow. Creating and publishing content using the right language to attract the right attention is vital to implementing your marketing strategy. If you need support designing content that speaks to your potential customers, and sending it out on the right platforms, we can handle the implementation too. 


HR Toolkit and software

If you are a start-up or a more established business, our HR Toolkit gives you everything you need to manage your people with strategy and purpose. From organisational charts, policies and procedures to onboarding new employees, job descriptions and day to day HR admin, we can support you. For HR software, we partner with Breathe HR to give you effortless people admin in a simple, cost effective, cloud-based system to manage all your HR needs.

strategic sales programme, support and pipeline software

Our team works with you to assess where your sales need the most support. Whether you are struggling to attract new business, win it or trying to keep more customers for longer – we devise a bespoke solution for you. From lead generation to sales process and pipeline management, we can offer valuable practical support. We partner with Pipedrive, the first CRM platform made for salepeople, by salespeople. From first chat to a handshake deal done, we can make a way for your business to grow.

Bespoke business support for you

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

We work best when we partner with you. Getting to know you, your team and your business is crucial to the success of the support we provide. Whether you use our services for the long haul or need us as a bridge to get you to the next level, our ambition is for your business to feel supported, informed, encouraged and in a safe pair of hands. Let’s get the kettle on and see how we can make a way for your business to grow.

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