making a way for business to grow



Often businesses grow organically, shaped by the people in the business, their skills, ambitions and preferences. When that person leaves there’s a unique hole you can’t fill. We map your current shape and give recommendations to futureproof your growth focusing on role and function.


Whether you are trying to scale up your business or just streamline it for yourself, mapping out your processes is a winning approach. We capture what you do now and then optimise the process with the right systems to standardise delivery for you and your team.

knowing what’s what

Mapping is Power

Is your business running as efficiently as it can? Are you utilising the best tools to maximise what can be done in a day? Are there any gaps you need to plug to increase productivity? What shape does your business need to be for sustained growth? What does success look like for your processes? We’re with you to make sure you’re doing all the right activities for growth.

organising you

Support When & Where

We provide an independent, unbiased minute taking service, suitable for businesses, charities, trusts, organisations, or any group meeting. We take care of all your minuting needs; whether it’s your AGM, a quarterly meeting, board or committee meeting, HR meeting or you just need someone who’s not part of the team to take the notes. We are experienced taking minutes for many organisations, ranging in size, scope and purpose making a way for your business to grow.



We deliver independent, unbiased minutes, agenda creation and distribution, circulation of minutes and action points. Have it all set up but need someone outside your organisation to take the load? Need advice on the best way to get your minutes in shape? We’re here for you.


Our Expertise


Whether we’re working with you in real-time, or via a shared workspace, we work with purpose, focus and consideration. We bring practical experience and heaps of know-how to your business; we are  available, accessible, and accurate. We love a challenge, and  approach each task or project, however big or small with insight, skill and reason.


We form a practical partnership with you, which enables us to work together to achieve business benefit, whatever that looks like for you. We understand your organisation and where we fit in to it, allowing us to coordinate people, parts, time and tasks accordingly. Our agile approach ensures a culture that is geared for growth.


Using tools without fully realising how they can benefit you and your business can soon turn order into costly chaos. We’re business tool experts; we’ll review what you currently use and implement anything you don’t. We’ll use the right tools that fully integrate with your systems…just watch your productivity and efficiency skyrocket.

flawless Service

The Key Piece in the Puzzle

Building a strong business doesn’t always mean employment, not straight away. We can work with you on a project to map your current shape and optimise for the future, or we can partner with you for the longer term, integrating with your business to perform core business functions. It’s a tried and tested approach to scaling up or streamlining your business that we get a kick out of. We love being a key piece to the puzzle that makes it all work. Seeing you and your business thrive through our partnership is the butter to our bread.


“Waymaker Consulting has a very positive and “can do attitude”, and this allowed for the whole process dealing and working with Waymaker to be seamless. They seemed to understand what we needed and if there were any issues, they dealt with them quickly and resolved them. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone, they are truly supportive and listen to what you need, filling the gaps of what you are needing and missing.

Waymaker and Lydia are so easy to work with. Lydia just “gets” what you need from the get-go! After having a few bad experiences in the past with other companies, offering a similar service and not really feeling that we had received value for our money, Lydia didn’t disappoint and has left us feeling that we received a valuable service.

We have been able to move forward with our business and implement changes that have really helped. We have been really impressed with the straight talking of Waymaker and their amazing service. They are direct when required, but always so approachable and open to discuss any areas that need clarity or change.”

Natalie, Construction