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Are you a small business looking to take on your first employee? Or are you a growing organisation, looking to expand your team? Whatever your circumstances, an Employee Handbook is a vital tool in a growing business. Providing guidance and information relating to your company’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format, your Employee Handbook captures your business story and what it feels like to work for you.

The first step in creating a positive workplace culture, your Employee Handbook means your employees have all the information they need in one place. When everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, you’re much more likely to create a thriving and harmonious working environment and a loyal, dedicated team.

Here at Waymaker, we work with businesses looking to grow, so we believe your tools and resources should stretch with you as you evolve. Your Employee Handbook does just that. Whether you have one employee or one hundred, a bespoke, considered Employee Handbook ensures you have a solid foundation for growth. 

How We Work



We gather together any policies and procedures you currently have, and we talk to you about what needs updating. We review, amend or create an Employee Handbook that has all of your organisation’s information in one place.


Once we’ve created your Employee Handbook, we ask you to review it. We make any necessary edits, and then we send over your new, bespoke handbook. We want to make sure it sounds like you and accurately describes what its like to work for and with you.


An up-to-date and comprehensive Employee Handbook gives your team all the information they need to operate efficiently and appropriately. A reminder of their community at their fingertips, an Employee Handbook is your employees’ go-to guide whenever they need it. 


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There When You

Need It

An Employee Handbook enables you to set out values and expectations from the very beginning of an individual’s employment. Setting the tone for behaviour and culture, your Employee Handbook paves the way for you and your employees to follow.

Here at Waymaker, we walk with you on the journey. We’re here to signpost and guide you, imparting our knowledge clearly and practically. Your Employee Handbook will be there for you to rely on, assisting you and your colleagues as you progress and develop your skills and your business. The ultimate how-to for your workplace, your Employee Handbook is a comprehensive guide to working and thriving in your organisation.