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Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to people management because things can escalate quickly if you stumble on a problem without the right policies and procedures in place. We’ll help you avoid potential headaches by taking a holistic view of your business to put the right documentation in place for now and for the future.

We’ll guide you through compliance and best practice to ensure you have a set of policies and procedures that reflect your company’s values and culture. With suitable documentation in place, you set yourself apart from other employers and attract the right staff for your business. Forming an active partnership, you and your employees can work together to ensure your policies and procedures are implemented. With a collective goal established, you can ensure consistency in approach, and rest assured you and your employees are prepared, protective and productive.

Our Process



All good things start with a conversation. We get a meeting in the diary so we can look at what policies and procedures you already have, and what you don’t. Then we agree what we will work on, and when we will send you a first draft.



Here at Waymaker, we’re sticklers for detail. We’ll meticulously create your policy and procedure documents, and then we’ll invite you to review them. With our attention to detail and your company knowledge, your policies and procedures will be watertight.


Best practice dictates that your policies and procedures should be reviewed annually. With your attention focused on growing your business, you can rely on us to give you a nudge after twelve months and we can hop onto a call to review your documents.


Effective Staff Management

Having policies and procedures in place isn’t just about ensuring legal compliance. Accurate, considered polices and procedures work to provide a roadmap for your day-to-day operations. They provide a framework to regulate your decision making, they help you to streamline internal processes and they encourage consistency, allowing your team to work with confidence and excellence.

Policies and procedures that are appropriate and followed, allow for a safe, comfortable and productive workplace. Let’s get yours in order!