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Make Your Message Heard

It’s all very well having the perfect product or service to offer, but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. Our marketing experts can take your business to the next level by ensuring you’re visible to the right audience. Your reputation is your business’ biggest asset, making you stand out from the crowd and giving you the competitive edge.

With our strategic and sustained approach, we offer effective marketing that establishes and maintains positive connections with your potential promoters – your clients and customers.

The result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you is in safe hands when you work with Waymaker.



We want to know your long-term game plan to meet your business goals with the blogs we write for you. Here at Waymaker, we take the time to learn how to write how you sound, reaching the right people with the right message.


Website visitors decide if your site has what they need in seconds. Waymaker is here to craft copy that captures and engages your potential customers to convey all the brilliant things about you, in a way that is SEO-friendly. 


There’s no denying social media is a powerful and very cost-effective way to reach a big audience. From strategy to running your social media accounts , Waymaker help you makes the most of this modern PR and marketing tool.


Let us realise your creative vision for your brand with editing and creating videos from your content and making sure the sound is just right. Also, if you need it, bespoke music that sounds just like your brand to give you the edge.


Podcasts are a vital asset in the marketing mix, allowing you to build a community, fostering loyal, meaningful connections with your audience. We’re here with the know-how to get your podcast up, running and performing.


Our Process


It takes meticulous crafting to hone your message, our marketing mastery at Waymaker will help you perfect it. With the barrage of information out there, consumers need to know what you offer, and why they should buy it. We’ll show you the way to create the best strategy for your brand. With a practical roadmap to make a way to your definition of success.


Putting your customer at the heart of all your communication, empathising with their challenges and identifying how your business solves their problems is The Waymaker Way of building your brand. Building a business your customers trust will make your marketing and PR pitch-perfect. With the customer as your hero, you can’t go wrong.


Cut through the noise with an expertly crafted message, to the right audience at the right time on the right channel. However you communicate with your audience – website, blog, social media, podcast – it all contributes to your brand identity. Balancing your messaging is not always an easy equation so we’re here to help you get the winning combo.

a cut ab0ve the rest

Think Outside the Box

Whatever market you’re in, competition is inevitable. And the greater the competition, the more vital it is that your message tells your potential customers what is unique about your business. What makes you different?

We’re focused on ensuring your marketing matches YOU. People buy people after all, and we have all the tips and tricks to weave your authenticity into every communication you make.

There are no shortcuts – effective marketing takes time, expertise and analysis. We’re here to take the weight off and master your marketing.  


Working with Gemma and Lydia feels like a partnership. They understand that as a client, it is all about me. They act as my voice, and express my views, opinions, and knowledge. It feels as we work together to reach the desired outcome that I want and am reaching for. We work well together, communicating well to allow me to be fully involved and hands on in the process with them. With other agencies, it was clear that if I wanted to make alterations to content, it would cause a point of conflict between me and that company, with them expecting to change my opinion to suit them, rather than it being the other way around. This is not the case with Waymaker at all.

I feel the whole process goes very smoothly, and I absolutely would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation. Waymaker seem to get you and the style of what you want. I know who I am and what I want, however I was not certain about the journey to get there. Waymaker made this process very easy. It seems to them that what others see as “high-maintenance” is not an issue for them, instead it’s a collaboration.

James, Communications