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In 2021, more than 570 million blogs existed. The numbers speak for themselves – blogs are a hugely important, relevant and profitable tool. But there’s a catch…to use blogs to their best advantage, you need to be strategic, informed and inspired. This is where Waymaker come in. We’re equipped with the skills, tips and tricks to work with you to create blog content that performs. But what does good blog content look like for you?

Do you need regular, relevant content that informs your audience? Are you establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry? Is driving traffic to your website and generating new leads top of your list? Are you looking for a way of showcasing your services and sharing what you, your business and your team are up to? Do you plan to build your email database or enhance your SEO, ranking and visibility?

Whatever your need, effective blogging deserves a place in your digital marketing strategy. When you enlist the help of the fabulous Waymakers, we’ll talk blog strategy, style and frequency…and we might even let you in on a few secrets about how your blog content can come in handy in some other areas of your marketing strategy too. Now you know how a successful blog can tick many of your marketing objectives, you must be itching to get started…

make an impact

From Words to Voice


Our one rule about content is that it must be authentic to YOU. This means we need to hang out with you and hear how you talk about your brand, your products and your services. We’ll become fluent in your language, and your blogs will speak your brand in all its glory.



We’ll work with you to discover your definition of blog success. Whether you want to share updates, drive traffic to your website or boost your brand reputation, we’ll create content that meets your needs.



Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Planning your blog content is crucial to success and us Waymakers love a plan. Expect us working with you to make detailed, considered plans for your blogging. With a solid plan in place, we’ll put pen to paper and start creating your first blog.


From an attention-grabbing headline to informative, engaging content, to a compelling call-to-action, we’ve got you covered. All you’ll have to do is review the content, and let us sprinkle on any of your requested finishing touches.


We love to know how things are going, what responses you’re getting, what feedback your customers have shared and whether you’re meeting your goals. We apply everything you share with us, so your blog content just gets better and better.

Speak your language

Leverage Your Content

Not only do we craft engaging content that reflects your brand, values and offering, we create versatile content. This means your blog content can be used in other areas of your marketing. Snippets from your blog can become the perfect social media post, or a series of sentences can work beautifully as a section on your monthly newsletter. We know you’ll love your blog content, and we’ll help you find as many ways to use it as possible.