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Podcast listenership in the UK is expected to reach 17.78 million listeners in 2022. As we navigate our ever increasingly busy lives, podcasts are becoming more and more popular. With nearly half of podcast listening taking place at home and nearly a third happening while we’re driving or exercising, audio content allows us to multitask. It can fit in while we go about our lives. With over 48 million podcasts in existence, and most users listening to an average of 7 shows a week, it’s safe to say podcasts are in high demand.

When produced strategically, they’re a mechanism to drive traffic to your social media channels, build your email list and provide you with a a unique platform to connect with your customers and build a community. With careful consideration, you can make your listeners feel connected, a vital part of building and maintaining a loyal client following. Fostering these authentic client relationships is a vital piece in the puzzle when it comes to growth.

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How to Get Heard

We’ve established that audio can be the perfect tool for you to show the personality and character of your business, but how do you get it to work for you? Enlist the help of Waymaker is what you do … a team of experienced, enthusiastic professionals, brimming with ideas for how you can showcase your business.

We ensure a seamless start to your podcasting journey, managing all of the practicalities for you, so you can focus on the fun, creative aspects. We help you get your ideas together, and then we get into the nitty-gritty; working with you to decide the length of your episodes, how many are in a series, which topics to cover, and which guests to invite. There are no curbs to your creativity, just a practical, invaluable partner.

Our Approach


There’s so much to consider when you set up a podcast. Theme, format, guest list, frequency of episode, branding, jingle. Let us take the load, so you can put all of your energy into the content.


Good quality audio is non-negotiable if you want your podcast to be taken seriously. From having the kit, setting it up, to teaching you the tips for warming up your voice and getting the best from your guests – we’ll take the stress out of mastering the tech.


The music you use for the jingle plays a really important role in building the personality and brand of your podcast. There are plenty of music library options we can use, but if you want something unique then our boutique music studio Raindrop Sound Design can deliver.


Podcatchers, podcast hosting platforms, websites … there’s a whole host of elements to get your podcast up and running. We’re here with the advice and practical support to set up the systems and processes to make it run smoothly with each episode you release.



When  your podcast is ready to be unleashed on the world, it’s time to turn up the volume. We will create and deliver your campaign to launch. From newspapers, radio, online, feature articles, social media and email campaigns – we’ll shout from the rooftops to your target audience.

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Repeat Your Success

So your first series is out in the world and people are loving it! What happens next? What’s the plan? To give the podcast longevity we provide a business as usual service where we can maintain those social media profiles, your podcast website and pod catcher. As each episode comes out we can keep the visibility of the podcast high to help build subscribers and downloads. Then when you are ready… series two.