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WIN: Optimise Your Sales Journey

Your Sales Process is the navigation tool for your business to know now and the future of your revenue and lead generation. The pipeline stages are the language of how your business talks about winning clients or customers. A well thought through pipeline means you work with live data on how the deals are progressing, which ones need more attention and when, and overall, how you are performing against your revenue targets. A healthy pipeline is a healthy business.

The Customer Journey is the Sales Process from your customer’s perspective. The customer journey  Making your business customer- focused is the key to attracting a potential business through your marketing and winning the opportunity. Defining your customer journey must be done first and then your internal sales process is defined in light of how your customer interacts with your business.

Get your sales process and customer journey right and you will have a healthy cash flow, resourced efficiently, delivering spectacularly for your clients and customers when they expect and having long and profitable relationships with them.

WIN: Our Approach



Understanding what success looks like for you in your sales journey, what business goals and objectives you are reaching for and your service delivery model, form the basis for our ultimate sales strategy for you.


We need to understand what you currently do when taking a customer from cold to close. Mapping out the status quo allows us to see where we can optimise the process.


A Sales journey with criteria specific to your business establishes the likelihood of a deal closing and when this is likely to happen more accurately.



Analysing the data from your sales pipeline allows you to get a realistic picture of what is happening and highlights where you need to work on to win more clients..


KEEP: Delight and Grow

Retaining customers and increasing their spend with you is all about focusing on the Customer’s Success of using your product or service. Do this and you will adopt the role of ‘trusted adviser’.

Customer success is anticipating customer challenges or questions and proactively providing solutions and answers to those issues. Customer success helps you boost customer happiness and retention, increasing your revenue and customer loyalty.

This is where we focus on growing the customer or client, we want to delight the client with proactive management of the relationship. Everyone in your business must work towards the same aim of retaining the client, being engaged with the idea everybody contributes to the client’s happiness and therefore long-term success of remaining a customer of your business.

KEEP: Our Approach



We pinpoint opportunities for future products or services to Up Sell and Cross Sell to your existing customers. Leveraging your network to benefit your customers with additional offerings and partnerships makes you invaluable. Developing these opportunities into extra revenue allows you to reap the maximum rewards for winning their business.



‘The Churn rate’ of customers is the percentage of contracted customers that leave or don’t renew, in a given time period. Of course, we want to keep this as low as possible so focusing on defining and spotting reasons a customer may leave or not renew is important. This can be done with regularly reviewing well chosen metrics.



Developing a structure for client relationships means you and your team can own and manage each client to ensure they are happy and have issues anticipated and dealt with swiftly and exceeding expectations. Relationship management is focused on the ultimate goal of revenue generation and retention.

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Journey in Partnership

You may find sales strategy with the pipelines and journeys, systems and metrics second nature, if so we can be an independent sound boarding to build the optimal sales journey for your business.

If this is all new to you but you know you need a roadmap to win business, keep winning it, keep it and grow it, then Waymaker can support you from cold to close. Making sure you understand the strategy, can own it and drive it in your business is all part of our practical partnership. We want sustained success for you and your business.