Working with a Virtual PA gives you all the perks of a second pair of hands without employing them. Choosing a Virtual PA to save you time to grow your business is the smart choice for all entrepreneurs who need more time in the day to focus on their core business. Here are 5 reasons why I think Virtual PAs are the best way to take any small business to the next level.

You get to tap into a wealth of expertise and knowledge regardless on where you and the Virtual PA are based. You are great at your core business, but you may need some extra support getting the word out there or getting organised. A Virtual PA can bring their breadth and depth experience to you and your business.
No overhead costs for employing a Personal Assistant through your business. You don’t need to provide office equipment and space or pay employment taxes, NI and benefits. You can hire a Virtual PA in line with your current needs: 2 hours a week, a retainer package or by the project.
You get to focus on what you are fantastic at – the reason you got into business – and leave the other essential tasks to a trusted PA. Your core business is what gets you up in the morning and drives you to do the best you can. Your business is a car (stick with me) but to get it on the road it needs oil in that engine. A Virtual PA is your oil. We help keep everything running smoothly so you can take your business to where you want to go.
Saving you time to grow your business is essential if you want to build on what you have already achieved. We only have 24 hours in a day, so why not double your productivity by getting a Virtual PA to work on your business with you. Outsourcing operational tasks allows you to spend more time on business development or more time with the kids.
Collaborating with a fellow entrepreneur really gets the creative sparks going. We want you to succeed so we succeed, it’s a virtuous circle of support between small businesses. By aligning our support to the detailed needs of your business, we can give you the bespoke help your business needs. We can make suggestions and problem solve to get the outcome you need – two heads are better than 1.