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The Waymaker Way

Our Story

Making a way for business to grow is our tag line for a reason. Being able to come in with fresh eyes, survey the current situation and see the best way forward is something our Founder Lydia has developed over the years. The Waymaker Way offers businesses practical, logical, strategic and realistic changes that will directly impact the bottom line.

The first thing you’ll notice when you have a conversation is her generosity with our knowledge and expertise. We do that because we’re passionate about seeing businesses reach their full potential. That happens best when we share what we’ve learned on our journey. Delivering considered, unique support and forming a strong, practical partnership with you is at the heart of The Waymaker Way.

We match your dedication to your business’ future by giving you the support, tools and expertise to make it happen. We’re committed to building a strong community of successful, inspired business owners.

We’re here to make business easier for you.

Our Values

What Makes Us Waymakers Tick

01. Talent

We believe that you have gifts and talents and seek to draw them out, work with them and make the very best of them to support the growth of your business. We also assume our team have gifts and talents, so constantly look to play to our strengths, develop our superpowers for personal and professional growth.

02. MIght

In everything we do, we do it with all our might. When we are working with you, we will bring all of our expertise, empathy, brain power, attention, compassion and experience. No matter the size or significance of the task, we give all our might when supporting you or each other. We are stronger as a team that way.

03. Service

Delivering a professional and reliable service goes without saying in our book. We will always go the extra mile to deliver above and beyond. We are here to serve you with practical support. We serve each other too, giving a helping hand is second nature and means we can pull a dream team from across the business to get the job done.

04. Productivity

We believe we were made to work and rest. Working to the best of our abilities means we can rest, satisfied we’ve done a great job. Resting and finding our joy helps us replenish our mind, body and soul, ready to be productive at work. We add purpose into our understanding of work hard, play hard. Balance and stamina are more highly prized than burn out and winning at any cost.

05. Wholeness

Every business is unique and has different needs – we always make sure we’re offering tailored solutions. We see the whole you, always giving maximum value and return for your investment. We also see our team as individuals, with full lives that do not stop when the clock starts. Bringing our whole selves to work means we’re valued and appreciated, loyal to the team and you.

Meet Us

Meet our Fabulous Team Of Waymakers

Lydia Berry Director Waymaker Consulting

Lydia Berry

Owner & Director

Getting to know so many businesses going through change and growth, supporting them and seeing them thrive and achieve their definition of success is very fulfilling. I love seeing the progression from when we first meet a business and their team, learning all about their challenges and ambitions and then taking them through our practical advice, working with them and seeing the results.

Building my team of Waymakers has been so rewarding. We’re carving out a new way to do business which focuses on servant leadership, recognising the whole person, allowing the team to fulfil their potential.

Matt Berry, Director, Waymaker Consulting
Matt Berry, Director, Waymaker Consulting

Matt Berry


Waymaker allows me the flexibility and freedom to explore new strengths, and the encouragement to discover new skills. Collectively we are building upon our gifts and talents and celebrating the achievements along the way. Marking milestones for both our clients and our team is at the core of being a Waymaker, and always inspires and motivates me.

Our company values place great emphasis on looking after the ‘whole’ person so that we can confidently put ‘all our might’ into everything we do, and being able to see the benefits of working in this environment is both refreshing and rewarding.

our services

What We Do Best


If you want to take a strategic step back, see the biggest picture and make considered moves for change, we can be your guide.  You don’t know what you don’t know – we’re here to reveal those blind spots. Our tailor-made modules: BUILD, ATTRACT, WIN & KEEP, focus on building the business, attracting the right customers, winning and then keeping their business for sustained and manageable growth.


You need a strong but flexible approach to operations. Pro-active management of people, systems and processes is always more effective. If you need to streamline your business, we offer bespoke packages from effective project management and executive PA services; HR software, policies, procedures and admin; to organisation and process mapping. Everything you need to run an efficient business that is future-proofed to grow.

Music and SOund

We take a holistic view of your communications, implementing your marketing strategy to ensure you’re using the right channels at the right time to maximise the results for your business. Whether it’s managing your social media, writing blogs or website content, devising and recording a podcast or editing a video and creating bespoke music for your brand, outsourcing to us will allow you to focus on what you do best.

MAking a Way for business to grow

A Plan to Suit You

We understand cash flow is crucial to any small business. That’s why we why offer a range of payment plans, bespoke to each client.

We define the scope of our projects clearly, so we’re always on the same page and there are no surprises. We agree on expectations, deliverables and outcomes, in an honest and open conversation. We know things inevitably evolve and change, and having a close partnership with you means we discuss those things as they unfold, and, if necessary, re-define the scope of our work as we go.