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Knowing How To Grow

The best shape for your business

Organisation growth needs to be strategic in thinking, well defined in service offering and realistically ambitious in growth roadmap.

It all starts with knowing what your status quo is, having a thorough review of your organisation in its totality, as a snapshot of its structure, functions, services, operations, processes and membership. Once the now is understood we can offer our strategic recommendations to help you progress as an organisation to the future.

As the senior leadership team, your vision for what you want the organisation to be, where you see it going, what your why is and how you want to grow will help shape our recommendations.

Having a well thought-out roadmap, allows you to practically make strategic decisions as you grow, measured against a plum-line of what you are building.

Our Process



It starts with a fact finding discovery calls with all key members of the organisation to build the biggest picture of the organisation. Understanding the core remit and mandate of the organisation – the ‘why’ will also be vital.


We map out the current shape of the organisation. Without judgement, we will lay out how things really are in order to move forward. Seeing the current structure will be enlightening and clarifying.


We review all aspects of the organisation to identify areas for consolidation and efficiency. Looking at the structure, systems, functions and roles to improve cohesion and ability to delivery on core remit and mandate.


To implement the changes, it may take time to get from now to the future. It also may feel too big to do it in one step. We will map out a timeline and possibly an interim step to help you evolve the organisation structure, functions, and systems.


We will present a full set of recommendations with a current, interim (if needed) and recommended organisation chart, functions and services. As an organisation you can then chose how you will implement our findings.

Begining the Next Chapter

Executing the Roadmap

Now to put everything into action. The Strategy work can be seen as one-off, not to be revisited for a while but the implementation becomes the activity that drives the outcomes and delivers the objectives for the organisation. If you need support in implementing the changes, there are many ways we can add value.