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BUILD: Your Business Goals and Objectives

Business growth needs to be strategic in thinking, well defined in service offering and realistically ambitious in growth roadmap.

It’s hard work mapping out your strategy but now is the time to build for your future success.

As the business owner or senior leadership team, your vision for what you want the business to be, where you see it going, what your why is, and how big you want to grow will  define your purpose, what you stand for, your target market, your services and how you deliver them. It tells us how to build this year, next year and for the next 5 years. Having a well thought-out roadmap allows you to practically make strategic decisions as you grow, measured against a plum-line of what you are building.

You need guidance to pull out your vision, tools to tease out your why, and strategies to frame your services to be competitive. We take you through guided workshops to get everything out of your head and into a structured plan to get you and your business to the next growth milestone.

BUILD: Our Approach


The first step in your business strategy is defining your goals. It may sound simple, but clarifying exactly what you want your business to achieve can be a tricky task. Let Waymaker be your sounding board. So, tell us, what does your business look like when it’s all grown up?


What benefits do you provide for your customers? Identifying your service capabilities allows us to define your offering. From there, we refine and reformat, creating a distinct and focused service offering to build from. 


Waymaker love business, and more specifically, the people that give a business its character.  That’s why we get to know YOU and your team, if you have one – your motivators, your skills, your approach. When we understand exactly what you bring to your business, we can understand exactly what it is that sets you aside from your competitors.


Your roadmap is a visualisation of your strategic plan. Including your organisation structure, functions and  business systems, it outlines the direction you will take to achieve your strategic goals. With Waymaker at work, your roadmap will capture the activities you need to carry out, along with the markers and metrics to keep you focused and accountable.  


We work with you to identify how to use your strengths to maximise opportunities and help head off potential threats to the future of the business. We  find weaknesses that need decisive and immediate action to prevent them threatening the business, aw well as identifying ways to make improvements in order to take advantage of the opportunities. 


Build For Success

Whether you are at start-up stage and need help transforming your idea into a feasible business development plan or have an established business that needs a revamp, we know the importance of laying solid foundations. Let us help you launch or rejuvenate a sustainable and profitable business.

We can give you the clarity you need to concentrate on growth and the future by doing the heavy lifting for you. Our plan will allow you to practically move forward and take action for you, your team and your business.