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Minute Taking

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Minute Taking

We provide an independent, unbiased minute taking service, suitable for businesses, charities, trusts, organisations, or any group meeting. We take care of all your minuting needs; whether it’s your AGM, a quarterly meeting, board or committee meeting, or you just need someone who’s not part of the team to take the notes.

We are experienced taking minutes for many organisations, ranging in size, scope and purpose.

We operate meticulously, ensuring the content of your meeting is dealt with professionally. Confidentiality is at the core of this service – being independent allows us to handle documents and decisions without judgement or bias.

We offer a full range of minute taking services which can be adapted to suit your requirements. Whether it’s creating and circulating your agenda, taking minutes and highlighting action points, sending round minutes after approval or helping you monitor action points for your next meeting, we’ve got you covered.

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Governance Advice and Strategy

We support organisations to develop and streamline their governance and ensure their teams understand how valuable and vital their roles are to running the organisation well. We provide ongoing advice and support on governance structure and implementation and offer a confidential sounding board to Senior Leadership Teams, Councils and Committees.

We help individuals and teams understand the practical workings of their meetings, enabling the organisation to bed in healthy culture and practices.

Thinking strategically, developing vision and creating ‘our biggest picture’ takes time to master as an individual and as a team. We encourage and challenge teams to think about frameworks and objectives and then how to drive that change and delivery.

We also provide support for those chairing the meetings to develop their skills, good chairmanship can make the difference in an organisation achieving their objectives for the year.

What To Expect


We accurately create your agenda and papers and circulate it to the relevant people in the timeframe you need. We also create and type directly into a minutes template for efficiency.



We take minutes in custom styles to suit your needs. Whether it’s matching a previous style or creating something from scratch. They must be simple and clear.


We take a lot of minutes in in all sorts of styles for all sorts of organisations, so if you need support to get your minutes to work for you and your team, we are happy to show you the way. A well run meeting makes all the difference.



Accurate and clear actions mean everyone knows what they need to do, what they will be reporting on in the next meeting and what the chair will hold them to account on. Clear actions keep up the momentum between each meeting.


We support you meeting by meeting and charge by the hour. As a rough time guide we say 1 hour meeting prep, then the length of the meeting, post meeting it’ll take then length of the meeting again plus about an hour.

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Discussion and Decisions

Productive teams rely on great minutes. Hear us out – capturing all of the discussion, decisions and actions ensures follow-ups can be made, setting your organisation up for success.

We can attend meetings in person or remotely, and inside or outside of standard business hours (for an additional charge). Our thorough and logical approach will give you an accurate precis of your meeting, and with actions correctly allocated to the right team member, we ensure the next meeting is just as constructive and progress is maintained.