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Virtual Project Management

A busy, successful business generates many projects that can pile up and even eat into your evenings. You might have a some fantastic ideas and several plans, proposals and schemes all stealing your brain power when you are trying to deliver your service or product to your clients. Eventually these intentions can become big time drains that prevent you from progress, if you never get round to them.

A trusted, dedicated virtual project manager is an asset to any business. Our support will turn your blueprint into action that will give you the peace of mind your grand designs are being handled diligently and thoroughly.

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Prioritise for Success

Our structured, organised approach with the initiative and drive means we can prioritise, plan, schedule, manage and communicate with intent and purpose.  Let us take the weight off your shoulders.

A long list of projects is overwhelming, so we’re on hand to add order, and turn the chaos into calm. With careful planning, focusing on priorities, we’re here to take the load. We’ve got the tactics and strategies to keep the wheels of any business in motion.

What To Expect


It all starts with sharing your plans with us. We listen and reflect back what we think you want to achieve, your expectations and timescales. Bringing us up to speed means we’re on the same page and ready to deliver


Being organised is the bedrock of feeling on top of things. Fire fighting, reacting and thinking short-term turn into having the space to plan, think ahead and bring your ambitions to life.


We’re yet to find a system we’re not adept in. If we’re not already experts in it, we’ll soon become them. We’re all about using as few systems as possible to make everything streamline.



Understanding instructions and developing efficient ways of working is second nature here at Waymaker. We’re masters of communication, with our clients and with our clients’ clients.   

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Bespoke Options To Suit Your Business

We’re here to help you make the best use of your time, by dealing with the projects that take you never get round to. We’re quick to learn about your organisation’s aims and objectives, so you can trust that work will be handled efficiently and appropriately.

Our team are friendly and professional and committed to helping your business run more smoothly. We can be that extra pair of hands to step in when you need us, giving you the space to focus on your business. We can work with you by the project or on a monthly retainer basis.