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Finding Your Focus

Do you need some support with the practical administration of running a business? Our team understand the importance of effective day to day management. We’re here to make your life easier, it’s as simple as that.

As a trusted outsider, we actively partner with you in your business. As an independent set of ears with years of experience, we can help you make decisions around the structure of your office, processes and systems and even help you try out new ideas. Talk out ambitions with us, let us be your biggest cheerleader when it goes well and be there to pick you up if something didn’t work out. It can be lonely as a solopreneur or small business owner and we can be an ally through the hard work and success. We are discreet and well-versed in dealing with highly sensitive and confidential matters – financial, personal, operational, and HR; strategically handling that information for your benefit.

We act as your gatekeeper and liaise on your behalf with stakeholders, clients, customers, family and staff of all levels of seniority.

We can be your trusted outsourced Executive PA for as long as you need, whether you aren’t quite ready to recruit someone permanently into the role or are happy to outsource long-term.

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Premium Executive Support

We make sure we learn what’s important to you so we can become your second-self. We take the initiative on what needs to be done, and make the executive decisions to make it happen. We’re adept at assessing urgency and importance, so you can rest assured your workload is in the safest hands. We can be a confidential sounding board to help you make smart decisions.

We can be your trusted outsourced Executive PA for as long as you need, whether you aren’t quite ready to recruit someone permanently into the role or are happy to outsource long-term.

Organising You


We know how much a well planned diary will increase your productivity. We identify your working style, and make sure your calendar runs like clockwork. We can sort and prioritise your emails so you can spend your time actioning what’s important, we can take care of the rest.



Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, voice notes, email, phone…whatever systems you use to talk, we’ll use them too. Catching up is easy – just let us know your preferred way to chat and we’ll be there. We’ll update you with progress as little or as much as you like.


From travel arrangements, invoicing, to expenses, devising and maintaining filing systems, reports, there’s no task too big or too small, no system we’re not able to master. We’ll align and integrate with your business, getting more done in the day.



We’ll capture everything we need to support you and create your own hub with the ‘how to guide’. Passwords and login details are saved safely and you always have access to all systems, inboxes and platforms, maintaining transparency and ownership for you and your business.


Practical, timely support is guaranteed from our well-equipped office, with super speedy internet (and super strong coffee). We have everything we need to support you from afar. Of course it’s nice to see people in person, so we can always meet up when it suits you for a catch up.

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Support The Way You Need It

To ensure you get the support you need for your business we can work with you as a monthly retainer or pay as you go support bundles. We partner with you to offer you whatever support you need. We can be a stepping stone, bridging the gap for you, or we can be there for the long haul. We understand all businesses grow differently, and we adapt to suit you – slotting in where you need us, when you need us.

When we know what context we’re working in, we’ll make sure we provide support that suits the situation. If we’re with you short-term, we’ll make sure we have your processes documented ensuring a seamless handover. If we’re with you for the long-term, we’ll be future proofing and thinking ahead. Either way, we’ll grow with you.