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We’ve partnered with Breathe hr, a multi-awardwinning, cloud-based HR software. It saves you time on people admin and helps to grow your business. Breathe is simple and effective for every small business. From practical everyday staff management to automated benefits and rewards for your employees, we’ll make sure your HR software is working for you to make business simpler. 

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People Centred Software

The foundation for successful HR Management is having a streamlined system that suits the size of your business. By switching to time-saving, people-focused HR software, you’re taking a big step to building a positive, nurturing culture that puts people first and drives business growth. 

Breathe|hr allows you to centralise data and maximise employee engagement. With the functionality for flexible manager and employee permissions, you can empower your staff to enter and manage their data, simplifying your day-to-day people management and leaving time for you to focus on your business. 

By eliminating HR admin with automated processes and a centralised, secure hub of information, Breathe|hr allows you to focus on growing your business and building a great team.

Software Features


Simple to use, online holiday approval process.


Stored safely in the cloud, keep records, policies and documents in one, secure central location, with unlimited storage.

performance management

Manage reviews and objectives, and keep your employees engaged and motivated by letting them add their own deliverables.

absence management

Gain a deeper understanding of employee absence and improve productivity. Record and track employee sickness. With Breathe HR, every absence is logged, approved and analysed.



Seamlessly integrate Breathe HR with software you use everyday with our open-source API to ensure all your employee data is kept up to date, no matter what system is used to make amendments. 

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Setup for Success

We offer a variety of options to help you integrate Breathe|hr into your business. If you’re confident setting things up yourself, click here.

If you’d like a helping hand, we’re here. We can organise and manage setup for you – adding your documents, policies, employees, logging holiday and sickness. Once you’re up and running, we’re never far way – if you need some support or have a specific query, just give us a shout and we’ll be there to advise. We’ll show you how to grant us access to your system for a fixed time, so we can hop in and guide you through any query. We’ll work it through with you, so you know what to do for next time.